Thursday, January 16, 2014

How To : Lace Dress for the Perfectionist

Hiyaaa my gorgeous,  finally my Final Exam has DONE!
And as you can see now I can take my tablet and start to blogging... bwahahaha...

This time Im gonna write some tips to make your hobby to collect and wear lacey dress will be more and more perfect.. hmm
Check this short "how to" out!

♥ Choose Your Own Personal Look
LACE dress is one of my fav stuff ever for fashion, this really represent my personal style in All-Season wear to Vintage by sometimes when I put a modern outers or any other rocky accessories,  it directly change to a very Girly-sophisticated look. I do love this multilooks so much. This, is actually feminine conservative look but in different side is always sensual. The color you choose is something that determine the look that you get. Like dark color will make you so elegant, regal, and sexy but still polite, and bright color will create playful touch but so girly, and a pastel color will bring the softness come out from your personality.

♥ Fabric! The Mine Focus!
You know what, you have to be carefully when you choose the kind of lace fabrics, it will define your overall look. The wrong fabric will make it look so cheap. Choose the high quality fabric and make sure it really nice when it combine with the design. You don't have to choose the most expensive one but just choose a smart choice... sometimes fashion is about journey to find what you really believe honey..

♥ Adjust with Your events
If you want  make it be your wardrobes for a special party use it with the glamorous look like make a bun, use appropriate jewelleries,  and bring a clutch.  But if you want it more daily look, try to let your fabulous hair down, use the fav outers, a simple bag, and so on. FYI, This kind of dress is soo quickly adjust in to an appearance s that you want so you must give it attention.

♥ The Accessories
If you want more unforgettable look, try to wear your metalic shoes... it will neutralise you conservative look into simply sophisticated.  I do live it much. But if you want more simple, you can choose the similiar color shoes that is very perfect for you girly lacey dress look. Use your necklaces or bracelets as long as it still not look excessive.  Try to be a girly fun girl with lace dress.

So guys those are several thing I want to share.. I hope you will cooler day by day. And don't forget to wear a definitely-you fashion stuff! Bye byeee...

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