Sunday, September 28, 2014

Makeover and How to: Fierce Oriental Look

Hello Ladies, please please please don't mock me because I often post about makeover recently on my blog hahahahaha,
I really enjoy to do this thing yay!

and today was time for wonderful +Maria Pesona Nuansa to be the next victim and it was the turn for 

Fierce Oriental Look in Our Version

So before we go to the next agenda of Tutorial, Im gonna show you an appearance of before and after photo, here it is...

before and after

So let's move into the first step!!!

Here some pictorial, just follow the natural line, create an outline and fill it!!

1. Soft Gold in the lid
2. Medium Brown in outer-V and make it so softly blended
3. Blend all the shape with brush to make it natural
4. Create an bold black eyeliner in the upper line, and black kohl pencil in water line
5. Add natural falsies!!!

Brown eyeshadow and bronzer to contour, orange blush, highlighter

Maroon all the way !!!!

That is all, I do wanna know what you think about this, could you please tell me in the box ahahah...
I hope it can help you ladies, feel free to ask me anything about this look.

thankyou for dropping by, and bye bye !!!!

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