Tuesday, September 9, 2014

20 Facts about Me from Instagram (extended)

Instagram seems having problem of my text length, so why not about post this and save this on blog ahahaaa...

thanks for @nath_njs who has tagged me ... here are the 20 facts about me that I still memorize, actually there are plenty of other facts that not be written here because the limit ahahhahha

1. truly javanese, brown skinned javanese from all of my family blood.

2. Former skilled painter and fine art "player"

3. Has a phobia to reptiles, if someone wanna know that specifically, I always try to block it out to another topic

4. Skinny all the way, but got a hormone changing in last few years so that finally I get fatter nowadays.

5. Paranoia to the max into some sort of serious illness and bad forecasting.

6. Former Culture and Tourism Ambassador, currently being Culture enthusiast.

7. I do makeup for my own satisfaction, just that. not for anybody.

8. Grantee of one of Excellent Scholarship in Indonesia, but I'm not that kinda excellent, my friend on that scholarship prefer to consult me about makeup and culture than my own educational field =_=

9. Extrovertly Introvert :-)

10. I am a loud person and very talkative yet easily become ice princess when I am not comfortable in a situation or community.

11. My friends said I am good in Public Speaking. I just kinda people that not gonna care with the audiences while I stand before them. but I always watch them in the eye to increase my confidence.

12. Disney Classic Movie Mania

13. I have Sniffing to sort of gas aroma and the other strong aromatic thing that other people think it's bad bad bad habbit !!! they really do!

14. I am obsessed to finish my collage this year, but eventually I think that maximize the quality of my thesis is a must and first.

15. I am self oriented, I love my own self more than any other person, I also not a really love-obsessed person and very enjoy about it, even though I know it's not good idea to treat my self like that.

16. I have my own small business in Graphic Design.

17. When I wear a smokey brown with upper and lower eyeliner, I do feel so sexy and more like me.

18. I never go to a cafe or teenage or young age fav place  to hang out because of me, I'm sure to hell I do it for other thing. I am a old fashion sorta thing.

19. I can accept my self to be beautiful and ugly, stylish and nerdy. Because I can't be the same person everyday. So if you wanna be my friend because I look so cool on you in a certain dat, you definitely wrong :p

20. I love to be my self now, just enjoy what I wanna enjoy and be the person I always wanted and feel so blessed with a lot of grace I've gained and problems I've got. I feel God does love me. And that sometimes make me feel like 25-30 y.o minded but Iam grateful :-)

what do you think? it's not interesting no?
Show me yours!!!!

btw I tag some friends on Ig photo .. go check !!

MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT = shintadelaora
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