Wednesday, July 9, 2014

(Sponsored) Review: FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS Gemstone Green

Hi everyone, so glad today that actually back again, haha, and since the last post in june, this is my newest and first product review, and again, I'm back with softlens review!

Yap I’m elated that I make this day for my FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS Gemstone Green review, that specially I got this stuff from , my beloved Lens Store, I think you need a further detail of them in my own experience, so just click OVERHERE

Now, let’s get started!!

1. First Appearance from

I got to show you my lovely first impression of this softlens by the packaging from the store, Voila. Like a special gift, everything packaged nicely and really satisfying. And the softlens come out from the inside, just like I always want in shopping they will be.

2. The Softlens Details

This FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS Gemstone Green give you some information such as: 

a. BC : Median 
b. Diameter : 14.5 (but I feel the lenses just the same with the 14.0 one, but bigger in transparent outline) 
c. Water : 55 % 

- They’re come in 2 lenses in 1 box with the same prescription 
- They’re so thin, OMG 
- For the color chart, I present you this image from the Holy Google

3. The Look on Eyes

This color is actually like a fresh green, with yellowish pattern that is so cool and charm, I think it still match with your skin if you have a tanned one. I can admit that this color more vibrant than the usual green color. Yuhuuu, just take a look at this!

4. Performance

Honestly, this is one of my biggest diameter, So I give a little more effort that my other softlens, but the thing that I love maybe I could explain down here:

- Dreamy color, cool pattern, perfect size on my eyeball, just make your eyes so wonderful and look so different but you get the natural touch.

- So thin, so thin, so thin, the bad thing is that it more difficult than other softlens when you start to put that on your eyes, sometimes I run out my time just for this, but,

- The good thing about Thiny softlens is that it really comfortable when it arrive and stay on the eyes, like you’re not use anything.

- So far, I don’t get any problem with it, that’s mean this famous brand is not just about goodwill but they are fabulous indeed.

- My only problem is on my own hand not so clear from any kind of Soap and sorta stuff, hufff, that’s create a shocking sore eyes hahaha

5. Price

You can grab this with your IDR 195.000 (after sale) from, the place you’ll find this kinda stuff much more cheaper



So guys, tell me about your thought, I do wanna know that, and just feel free to leave me that in the comment box down bellow.

Btw, did you guys miss me after a long time break? Ahahahaha

Have a nice day, always Peace for Indonesian Election Day, Let’s Rock the Day !!!

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