Saturday, May 24, 2014

Story : Finally! I Beat the Google Adsense

yeaaaahh after a lot of fighting for more thatn 3 months in my a half year experience of blogging finally I got this kind of email reply


but don't worry , I also enjoy a tons of this email reply when the reject me...T.T

rejected -__-

the way to easily get the approval is when you raisen up your content quality, not only pictures but also the writing.

So when you start to ask me What is that, you can easily seach on google and you'll know the answer hahaha,
this is officially google feature that will give you a chance to get earnings with your site by attach some gorgoeus Advertisements (such as Luxola, Elevenia, Real Techniques, Berry Benka, and so on) on your blog and official from google as well so don't worry if you don't want the kinda annoying ad or something hahaha.

you'll see my advertisement from google in my page if you not block the ad in your browser. go and click guyss!!!

For more information better to search on Google. This is kinda good feature to get new penny hahaha

here some of the ad that I capture today, and it will always change to another when you click my different post, and the smart thing is, it always adjust the post theme or title :)

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