Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review : SILKYGIRL Moisture Max Lip Gloss in Wine 08

Hi beauties, before I spend my whole time this week to finish my mini thesis, let me leave you something special about one of my favorite thing in the world hahaha, yaaapppp, Lipgloss. And this time, Im gonna present a review of my newest lipgloss which comes from the brand SILKYGIRL. Are you ready???

So lets get started.... froommm.....

1. Packaging Appearance
Simple. I just love this simple package and sophisticated look from it. Just like beam, has the metalic cap, and transparent body. Like most of the other Lipgloss package. See that picture above, and this picture above....

hands on, im sorry, blurr -_-

the shade detail

ingradients, just printed in seal plastic

2. Texture and Swatch
the texture is a slightly thick and really pigmented for the kinda gloss. I don't know, I love it so much. It also contains shimmer but not too excessive. Btw, I choose the shade no 8 which is Wine, this is a pinkish purple and really MLBB. everything is perfect for me :* here the swatch

pigmented right? btw, why my hand shows so many freckles? I don't have -_-

3. Performance
This Lipgloss look so regal in lips, it even can cover all of my lip's weakness (like uneven color, chapped lip, and so on) and make it look impeccably flawless although it just a lipgloss. the funny thing is, it has almost same performance as lipstick has. I can't explain anymore...... but one thing that I don't like is this lipgloss is not has a good staying power, just a few hours but it doesn't bother me because I can easily touch it up, lipgloss always good in touch up right?

Top : Without, Bottom : With
the color evenmore gorgeous than this, damn the lighting, but you can see it cover my lip's weaknes yea

4. Price
You can bring this stuff home just with exchange your IDR 40.000 (USD 4) for 6g weight lipgloss. Affordably pretty.

1. Simple packaging
2. Pigmented and contains shimmer
3. Cover the lip's weakness
4. Almost same performance as Lipstick.
6. But not really good staying power (just touch it up yeahh)
7. Affordable price, good quality

RATE *****/5

so guys... thankyou so much for reading, I hope you go to SILKYGIRL counter after this. Amin. hahaha
don't forget to follow my GFC and Google+ account to keep contact.
LOVE YOU and BYE BYE....!!!!
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