Saturday, April 5, 2014

FOTD : Today Super Minimalist Makeup for Friend's Graduation

Hahaha, hello world, hello blog...

To the point, today there was a little events for me but a huge events for my friends in postgraduate to be finally graduated from this holy campus... hehehehe. I really want to say Congratulation for my friends, dormates, and wonderful sister Ika Nur Saputri M.Keb., and Rahajeng Siti Nur Rahmawati M.Keb., who are really blessed to get a new diploma and a higer level of life through the wonderful education title. I PERSONALLY PROUD AND PROUD OF YOU SISTERS :') ♥♡♥

so today, beside I did my makeup for the events, I also had a little time to capture some photo with my tablet camera, please don't mock me because I didn't use my pocket camera or something, this was because if I did my photo with digital camera or something I will NOT POST this post sooner -___-

So yeaah these are them in grids.... please ignore something on my head, because it actually captured after took a bath... -__- what a hideous me!

This is no filter and just used the day light in room, I can give you certainty that the color is in 95% same. 
How to create this?
1. Apply skincare then concealer then foundie as usualfor face and neck
2. I did my shading just on my cheek bone haha, and blush on
3. Create eyebrows with dark brown eyeshadow, plissss, this is secret! Bwahaha, natural look as well.
4. Dab the satin pinkish nude eyeshadow in the center of the lids and dab again with finger in outer eyes with dark brown eyeshadow almost sheer. Hmmm
5. Perfect it with a simple eyeliner almost full in upper line and a half full in lower line
6. Take your pinkish nude matte lipstick
7. We're DONE!! ♥♡♥

So easy and really wearable, I don't wanna create a quite bold look because I don't wanna look fuller with make up than my friends who are graduated heheheheheSo let's tell me your thoughts, I really wanna see your wonderful suggestions,  plrase leave me a comment down below and don't forget to join my site and follow my blog in GFC and Google+ :)

me and friends, Guess where I am! Hehehe
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