Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Create Your Own Definitely-You Wedding with Bridestory

Beautiful Readers,
Lots of thing come out from our mind when it comes to the wedding idea, I mean, of course...
So many idea and fantasy, but in the end most of the people always back to the most ancient concept, yeahh the plain one.
Yah sure we can use the classic themes in our blessing ceremony, but for the reception, we can do explore the idea with the most interesting and memorable thing...

So, Let's play!!!

But, How to play and build up that difficult idea? who provide that????
Yappppp, BRIDESTORY !!!!

Bridestory.com Home

What the Bridestory is and what is offered by them have already posted here in this FIRSTPOST , so you can check that out and learn that that post is very informative for you and for your future wediing ahha..

Therefore, Bridestory as the portal where all the wedding vendor gathered will give you a bunch of inspiration and where to go when you finally catch the idea. So, to shorten the words, here is my dream definitely-me wedding plus inspired by the bridestory vendor's collections where a lot of them will be dominated by the exotics colour of DARK, BLACK or navy :)

The Decoration

credit: Elite Party Designer
Simple, dark, and gather everyone in one big table, perfect for long time no see chitchat :)

credit: Rooya Couture
Look at T.H.A.T !!! That is so Elie Saab, unique and regal in the same cut. worth fighting for!

credit: Axioo Photography

credit: Evermore Photography
Just my future husband and I in the same frame and wear the black to shape everything in a good place :* 

The Invitation

credit: Vornia Design Invitations
I want to grab that now and edit it with our names!

The Makeup

credit: Malva Makeup Artist
Clean look and bold lip will definitely my promise. This is my favorite formal look and capable to represent my mysterious (=___=) personality !

 That just a few of them, I gain so much imagination on what the perfect wedding concept is. Through bridestory, the engaged couple will polish up their plan, or start the games over and get the best and most fantastic wedding various and stay connected with favorite vendors.

So yeah, this post contains all of my early dream, it shows what definitely-me wedding is, you certainly have your own version, create it here at bridestory, believe me you'll thank me one day of what treasures do you get there.

Visit them here for more:


Thank you for dropping by and enjoy this blog again and again.

B.Y.E - B.Y.E
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