Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Impression Review : NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray

Hi Pretty ladies,
get with me again and today I wanna present the first first-impression review in this year ahhaa,
it is my fav travel-friendly face spray that really suitable for my current obsession of flawless look in all day.
So yap, this is it,


and this review is going to be in pros and cons style, so it definitely eases you to take the last conclusion :D

So here they are...

1. It ain't only become a setting spray, but also be my fav primer before makeup that helps me to get a very subtle surface.
2. I don't think it just this spray but my makeup stay nice in place all day with a flawless look even though it is not that lack of flaws.
3. Easy to use. If you can't even it out all over your face with the spray it self, just use your fingers to dab it softly.
4. Hold my makeup colours, even my lip colour.
5. I don't get it exactly why after I use this spray, I feel like my face has a good and delicate condition all day long, even after I wash my face with water for many times without touch anything up.
6. The packaging is so handy, just about 60ml/ 2 fl.oz so it doesn't rip your bag.
7. Good for good-day-face time spray. in the middle of a tiring activity.
8. I feel fresh
9. Easy to find everywhere in online or counter
10. According to the shared infos, you can spray it on your eyeshadow brush and then the colour will be popped out.
11. No breakout as long as I experienced it. 
12. For you who don't like the matte finish, and always in love with dewy finish, just choose another setting spray from NYX too, called NYX Dewy Finish setting spray.
13. IT IS MATTE, for God's sake I forget to say that ahahah

like water, easy to absorb too

1. I think for just 60ml, it is not really affordable with the price - IDR 120.000-130.000, especially for my own pocket.
2. It has the damn same smell like my Covergirl foundation, I mean, how it could possibly happen?? It's not bad but a little weird actually, it is neither like the cosmetics nor foods smell =____=

So yeahh, that's all. I also give you the pictures as the proof but I think the lighting and the other can't describe the quality of this setting spray as good as it goes on my face.
But yeahh, at least I did try to capture (superlazy issue) ahhaa...

sorry for the different lighting, and no filter... sorry for ugly appearances too =___=

Thankyou so much for dropping by sugar, see you till next post!!

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